Pennsylvania Moves Tax Hub to myPATH

Pennsylvania’s migration to myPATH, (My Pennsylvania Tax Hub) is set to be completed this month by including the last of the taxes to migrate. This includes, but is not limited to, Corporate Net Income Tax, Sales and Use Tax and Withholding Tax.

About myPATH

The new online portal has replaced many of the Department of Revenue’s online services and provides self-service options. Some advantages of myPATH are that it is available 24/7, compatible with any device, has error-reducing automatic calculators, verification that all required information is included on your return before it is submitted and instant confirmation. Many features can be accessed directly from the homepage without creating a login, like filing a personal income tax return. Those who opt in for an account will have additional options like making payments and saving banking information.

Changes for Business Taxpayers

The new tax system will assign every consumer an 11-digit account ID. Withholding accounts will be separated by the type of withholding tax, and each type of account will be associated with an 8-digit withholding ID. License accounts will have a tax account type and an accompanying license account type. Only the 8-digit withholding, or sales license ID will be included on PATH notices, the 11-digit account will not.  Electronic filing will be available on myPATH starting November 30, 2022. The PA Department of Revenue has more information on the updates as well as video tutorials on using myPATH.

With the conversion to MyPATH, Pivot expects that many users may experience some bumps in the road, including taxpayers and tax practitioners. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue provides some great resources including a summary of the changes and how taxpayers and practitioners should plan to use these resources. Pivot strongly suggests that increased scrutiny should be provided to any notices or correspondence for accuracy purposes, and should any issues be discovered, that these are immediately addressed with the Department of Revenue. If you have any questions on tax laws in your state contact Jason Skrinak, CPA.